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Rain Out Policy
In the event of a rain out there will be NO CASH REFUNDS.  Your gate ticket or pit pass will only be honored for the next two race nights.  You MUST have your pit pass and/or gate ticket, NO EXCEPTIONS.

US 24 Speedway Pit Regulations

  • All kids 17 & under, entering the pits MUST have a signed Parental Consent Form, the consent form can be filled out at PIT sign in.
  • Children 11 and under will be allowed in the pits, they MUST be with a parent or a responsible adult at all times.
  • Everyone entering the pit area MUST purchase a pit pass (including children).
  • NO 4 Wheelers or Golf Carts may be driven by anyone under the age of 16. 4 Wheelers & Golf Carts are NOT allowed outside of the pit area. You will be asked to leave the grounds.
  • NO under age Alcohol consumption on US 24 Speedway grounds.
  • NO Alcohol consumption in the pits until the final event for the night is complete.
  • Pit Spaces are on a 1st come, 1st serve basis, there will be NO saving pit spaces for anyone.

US 24 Racing Rules

  • The Flagman has full control of the starts and restarts of all races.
  • Car & Driver will only have 1 attempt to qualify. If a car is not in line to qualify in the position it is assigned, the car will run with a scratch time for it’s heat race ONLY!!!
  • Switching of drivers after qualifying will result in the car and driver starting at the tail of the race in which it is qualified for.
  • A driver may qualify only 1 car in each class.
  • No one will be allowed to work on their car under a yellow on the racing surface. If this happens, they will be BLACK FLAGGED for that race.
  • Anyone stopping on the track to question or dispute a call, or complain, will be BLACK FLAGGED for that race.
  • Anyone stopping on the track for a safety related reason should stop wherever there is an official. If it is safety related they will get their spot back.
  • Anyone causing an accident or stopping on the track will go to the tail.
  • All starts will be at the ORANGE CONE in turn 4. We will attempt to start a race only twice. If we don’t get a good start in 2 tries, we will go to single file with the restart on the front stretch with the car or cars causing the restart going to the tail.
  • All restarts will be at the ORANGE CONE on the front stretch. the leader can pick up the pace anywhere coming out of turn 2 until they reach the cone. No one will pass until they get by the cone, you should  be nose to tail. Anyone passing before they reach the cone will result in a yellow flag and that car will be sent to the tail for the restart.
  • Fast-time will be locked into dash.   (This is effective when there are 18+ cars in the class.)  The top 3 rows will be determined by the dash finish. You must make an attempt to run the dash or you will start at the back of the main.
  • Cars could be weighed anytime throughout the race program at the referees discretion. Cars not meeting the minimum weight requirements will be D.Q. for that time trial or race only.
  • Any intentional ramming or whining under the yellow flag will result in D.Q. for the race.
  • Anyone entering the infield, may re-enter on the track anywhere. If they gain a position they will be sent to the tail on the next yellow flag. If another yellow flag does not come out, they will be scored at the tail of the cars running at the end of the race.
  • Anyone in any class running fuel additives, or larger engine displacement than allowed will be fined $500.00, lose all points and will be suspended from US 24 Speedway for 3 weeks.

Racing Procedures

  • We will start up to 21 cars in the A-Mains.
  • 21st starting spot each week will be awarded to the highest running US 24 Speedway Racing Member in points that did not make the A-Main (Racing points will be updated each week) we will pay 21 places in the A-Mains.
  • Top 4 finishers from the heat races will get their times back to line up for the feature race.

Class Rules
Rules are in PDF file format.
Adobe Reader needed to view.

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Junior Sprint Rules

Restrictor Class Rules

Wing Class Rules

Non-Wing Class Rules

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